Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Resources


A webinar with All Clear Emergency Management was held to discuss COOP planning at various facilities.

Below are the resources from this webinar, recording of the webinar and documents to begin work on planning in your facility.

We are holding workshops, sponsored by the NERHCC, around the region to start building COOP plans with facilities. Please, click HERE to register.


  • Click HERE for the Dropbox Link to COOP Resources, including the recording.

  • The PDF for the slides from webinar are HERE

  • The worksheet to begin COOP planning can be found HERE



The 2019-2020 NERHCC Project Funding Process is open.


NERHCC has the ability to fund projects for coalition members located within the region. Proposals for funding should be for an activity, training or in special cases equipment that increases the region's preparedness capabilities.


The NERHCC Governance Board will review projects to determine alignment with coalition purpose and adherence to grant requirements, detailed justification is required for approval. Guidance document here.

To request funds from the NERHCC, complete the online application. As part of the application, submit the proposed budget using this template.

Applications are due by January 31st, 2020. Awards will be informed March 2nd, 2020